Multi-Family Investment Strategies that Work

Our Connection to Our Communities Sets Us Apart

Atrium Management Company is successful because we invest in what we know – our Central Florida community. We choose projects that make sense for our neighborhoods and the growth of the area we live in. That’s just one factor of what makes us one of the top multi-family investment companies in Florida.

At Atrium Management, we invest for the long-term because the impact of concentrated capital over an extended period gives your money the best chance at success. Whether we are building new or purchasing an existing asset we always do our research and analyze pertinent data. We carefully study the investment location and the physical attributes of the property. During our systematic analysis we develop projections and forecast growth opportunities – not just for the investment property, but the entire community.

When we decide on the right investment, we place a heavy emphasis on purchasing assets with strong debt service coverage but also allow for the opportunity to increase an assets value through improvement. We make sure to not over leverage our assets, so when we sell an asset, the market does not determine our strategy.

Overall, we employ expertly tested lending and borrowing principles to grow our client’s capital. Our approach delivers results for our investors and improves the communities we call home.

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